Trump takes on biased news media/journalists-accurate???

We all were tired of the phony politicians who talked out of both sides of their mouths and their asses, both parties.  The liberal news media tried to influence the outcome of the elections with their biased, dishonest reporting of the so-called news and with their phony polls that we now know that is exactly what their were.  The Hillary Clinton campaign spread lies and false information for the same purpose and the sick liberals, some belonging to the liberal news media like ABC, NBC and CBS, one black gal, no surprise there, give Hillary the questions for one of the debates before the debate (Not Trump though) with the intent of influencing the presidential votes in Crooked Hillary, and the sick socialist/communist democratic party.  Lets not forget the illegals and idiots the democrats brought to the polls to vote for crooked incompetent Hillary by the bus loads to illegally influence the election outcome.  How about Obama and Hillarys misconduct that now has Iran on their way to a nuclear weapon and N. Korea closer to a nuclear missile that will hit the US, not to mention the disrespect the Russians developed against our country thanks to the ignorance, arrogance and dishonesty of the Obama and Clintons and the trouble they would like to cause us due to that.  Not  to mention how the Clintons, Obama, liberal loser democrats have destroyed out intelligence infrastructure and our dysfuntional millitary thanks to their sick values and women, gays, lesbians and dysfuntional liberals making up our military and the standards we set for it.

Like I said, the good citizens of this country are fed up with the sick liberals and their sick agenda.  They are fed up with the phony, lying dishonest and cowardly politically correct liberals and politicians and obviously President Trump isn't one of them.  We finally have someone who says it like it is (the truth) and the liberals and democrats (mostly) can't stand that and are in fear of it (including the liberal news media) and they attack him worse than the Soviet Union and China news media did to other presidents during the cold war which wasn't that cold, and now we see it still continues thanks to the democrats and liberals and the Obama/clinton types.

I suggest Trump spend less time telling them what a bunch of losers they are and the cause for our country's problems today, don't give them more crap to lie and complain about, just do what needs to be done, speak to the good citizens of this country and ignore the assholes out there. We have had the opportunity to see what a bunch of losers they are and always will be.   The ABC clan is the worse, Mathew Dowd is a liberal loser who couldn't tell the truth and an unbiased presentation if he knew what it was.  

As far as the illegals, blacks especially losers like that east coast legislators-Brooker or whatever and that Cummings, both have the entitlement I am a victim black who have entitlement tunnel vision, ignor those biased losers and the rest of the liberal entitlement idiots, not worth commenting most of the time.  They are a class of no class, no substance, no ability jerks, like the news media, who will always be that way and now they are scared to death that someone might stand up to them and say it like it is.  The liberal agenda/morons won't last very long once people start pushing back and they know it,hence their irrational sleazy attacks on anyone not like them.  The pseudo conservatives/republicans best get on board and support and help Trump or they will be voted out too. 

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